Our Warranty in Colorado Springs, CO

So your window coverings came with a “lifetime warranty”. Well, what does that mean to you?
Technically a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty is a contract of sorts between you and the manufacturer; not the dealer or box store you purchased them from. So if you ever have a problem with a blind or shade, your local dealer is really under no obligation to fix it. Unfortunately, many customers have found this out this hard way. You see, many if not all dealers tout the manufacturers lifetime warranties when pushing their products. But all that really means is that the manufacturer is willing to fix your blind down the road if you ever have a problem. However, they will only fix it in their factory. So your blind must be taken down and shipped in for repairs.
Here’s where you find out just what your “warranty” means to you…or better yet, what it means to the company you purchased them from:
  • If your blind needs to “go in” for repairs, who pays the shipping?
  • Will the company you purchased your product from come out and get it?
  • Is there a trip fee?
  • Do you have to take the blind down yourself and bring it in?
  • How long will you be without it?
Another thing many dealers will do is offer to fix your blind in your home so you don’t have to be without it for two or three weeks, but will then charge you a labor and/or trip fee for that convenience. So, if you have to pay to get the repairs done under your warranty, what good is your warranty?

Now you know. So when shopping for custom-made window coverings, ask the salesperson this, “Five or ten years down the road when I have a problem with one of these products, who is going to take care of it? Who is going to pay for it?” Oh and one more thing. You might want to ask how soon your problem will be handled. With some companies the answer is, “The next time we’re in your area”. With The Blind Man, our appointments are first-come-first-served. Meaning even if it’s ten years down the road, you’ll get the next available opening.
Check out our “Warranty Page” to see what The Blind Man In-Home Service Warranty means to you.
(Please read carefully)
Thank you for purchasing your window coverings from The Blind Man of America (TBMA). We are sure you will enjoy your coverings for years to come. At TBMA, we sell only quality products and we stand behind them. Most of our products come with manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty. Some products come with a five or ten year warranty. Most motors come with a five year warranty.
The Blind Man of America will perform all warranty related work for products purchased from TBMA, at the place of original installation, to the original purchaser, for the term of the warranty, at no charge. No trip fees, parts fees or labor fees will apply. From time to time, manufacturers discontinue fabrics, styles, colors, and products and TBMA is not responsible when this occurs. We will continue to service discontinued products under the warranty to the best of our ability.
The Blind Man of America does not manufacture window coverings. We will act on your behalf with manufacturers should a problem arise. Manufacturers reserve the right to repair or replace broken or damaged products at their discretion.


Draw cords – Manufacturers assume draw cords will wear out over time. TBMA will replace broken cords for the first two years from the date of installation for free, regardless of the cause; a service fee will apply after the first year.* Problems with products due to improper operation or abuse are not covered. Commercial/contract orders are not covered. (Rental properties are considered a “commercial” order). Jobs outside of El Paso County will be charged a trip fee. Plastic/wood cord tassels, cord stops, equalizers, valance clips, etc. can get brittle over time and crack. TBMA will gladly mail these parts to the original TBMA purchaser for TBMA products at no cost.
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