Faux-Wood Blinds in Colorado Springs, CO

(Know what you’re getting into)

Faux-wood blinds (synthetic) have grown in popularity over the past 10 years. Even rivaling real wood blinds in sales. But there are a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about them out there. Let me try to clear some things up.
Wood blinds (fake or real) are one of the most popular window coverings in the industry. They offer good light control and they are better insulators than their aluminum mini blind cousin. They are also less expensive than most other products available on the market today.
Real wood blinds have been around for more than 60 years. Todays real wood blinds are made with 100% bass wood. This wood is very light and very stiff and is available in many paints and stains. Faux-wood blinds by comparison are much heavier to lift than the real thing and the slats are much more flexible requiring many more support cords than real wood blinds. Both the weight and extra support cords can be an unpleasant surprise to an uninformed buyer. Color choices are also limited with faux blinds.
Faux-wood — Faux-Wood blinds in Colorado Springs, CO
Brown Faux-wood blind — Faux-Wood blinds in Colorado Springs, CO
Kitchen Faux-wood blind — Faux-Wood blinds in Colorado Springs, CO
Many misinformed salespeople have convinced customers that real wood doesn’t work well here in Colorado because of our altitude and that wood slats are more prone to warp. This is simply not the case. I have been selling wood blinds here in Colorado Springs for almost 25 years and rarely have I experiences problems with warped slats. Faux blinds on the other hand have been an issue for manufacturers at this altitude. Although the synthetic composition of the faux slats is getting better all the time (in terms of UV inhibitors), faux blinds have a much greater probability of yellowing or discoloring at this altitude than real wood blinds.
It’s not the altitude which causes wood slats to warp; it’s the moisture. With Colorado’s dry climate, warping is just not an issue here as it is in climates with higher moisture content (e.g. Florida, Georgia). It’s only in these climates where faux blinds have an advantage.
So what is the advantage of faux-wood blinds? For one, they cost less. This is truly the real selling point of faux. Second, faux blinds are basically waterproof. They are great for bathrooms or hot tub rooms or maybe over a kitchen sink. But please remember that they are heavy to lift and require more cords in your blinds for support.
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